Has your relationship to skincare changed in the last year?

Early last year, I started taking a new medication, and I didn’t realize it for months later, but it actually caused deep, cystic acne and lots of it in places I had never had it. I originally thought it was just from stress (I had a lot going on, plus the pandemic!), but two weeks off the medication, the cystic acne resolved.

It really did a number on me mentally and physically, though — I’d look at my skin and just cry because it was never like that and nothing was working to make it better. I still have post-acne marks and scarring from it all; I did two chemical peels to jumpstart some of the healing, which definitely helped–never did one before but very well-worth it in my case. I have become more thorough in cleansing, though — I was pretty good before, but now I’m A+ level good.

— Christine

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