Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #641

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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This week’s doggo photo/video…

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:

I ordered the new Patrick Ta blush duos, and when I did so, I also noticed that there were blush/highlight duos from Iconic London–a brand I’ve heard of but not reviewed. I’m a little “low” on cheek products, so I picked up those duos along with Iconic London cream blush/bronzers (their liquid highlighter seems stupidly priced relative to the rest of the range).

My Urban Decay Wild Earth palette FINALLY arrived. I had such trouble getting this one that the press sample ended up showing up a week before my actual package, so I’ll be donating this one. I’m so thankful that I found a local organization that has a place for extra products (all new). They do great work in helping families (including pets!) avoid homelessness.

Weekend plans:

It seems like I’ve been using the week to gear up for weekends of taking photos and editing. I’m actually going to try and shift where I try to do things in smaller batches, but it is hard. Sometimes I just don’t want to get in front of the camera, but it’s a necessary part of swatching cheek and lip products (universe, give me 200 new single eyeshadows to review, eh, eh!) so it ends up that I have to “gear up” to do those and want to do as many as I can in one go rather than showing up twice for it, lol! My face sweats wildly while swatching (thanks mom for that genetic find!), and it can be frustrating when my camera lens refuses to auto-focus on my lips and I have to take 40 shots instead of 5-10.

What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far?

I’ve been doing a little bit of side work for hubby’s site, which is just a different way to work (by no means challenging!), but it is nice to see traffic increase on his site because of my work. Temptalia is more established and really more of a stabilized site, so it’s rare that writing one post really moves the needle traffic-wise (it all contributes but it’s more of a collective of content that keeps the site going).

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P.P.S. — Check our hubby’s new site for video gaming guides — good if you (or someone you know or your kids!) is into video games (or even Wordle, lol)!

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